• Stratocaster style pickups

Wiggins Brand pickups are made with the finest hard woods, top and bottom. We usually use hardrock maple or walnut for our painted pickups. They are scatter wound by hand, one by one, and are made to order with your specifications. Please contact us with your choice of color, and/or ideas.

• Stratocaster style pickups are priced per set of three. If you need a single or have a special design consideration, please email.

Turnaround time for a set of custom Stratocaster style pickups is approximately 3.5 weeks after placing your order.

Fiesta Red with Western engraving, lightly distressed and aged pole pieces.


Wiggins Brand all wood stratocaster pickupsOur most popular "Relic Longboard" color combination, and heavily distressed.

Surf Green hand painted strat skull pickups by Wiggins BrandSurf Green with skull engraving, and lightly distressed and aged.


Plain Wiggins Brand LogoYellow with plain engraving (tele neck) and lightly aged.


Hand painted stratocaster pickups by Wiggins BrandCustom color combination in the "Relic Longboard" style, and heavily distressed.

All of our pickups are/have:

• Hand Wound
• Alnico 5 magnets
• Plain Enamel Copper Wire
• Thick Ribbon Taped for Coil Protection
• 10" Vintage Style Cloth Lead Wires



Painted Strat Sets - $235.00 set

Wind Style
Engraving Design



Please contact William to discuss color options. Each painted set is hand mixed. Creating custom color(s) and combinations are available.

Also, please specify if you would like your painted pickups lightly distressed (reliced), heavily distressed,
or without distress, or lightly aged.































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Wind Styles Available:

Vintage (smooth & bright; great for country/classic rock)

Overwound (warm smooth darker tone; great for hard rock)

Texas Wound (blusey & gritty, hot bridge, vintage neck & middle; great for country, blues & rock)

Hot (loud and gritty with dark tone; great for hard rock and metal)

Middle pickup is not reverse wound, for greater versatility and better tone.


Engraving Designs Available:


Plain Wiggins Brand Logo

Skull Engraving

Western Engraving

"Relic Longboard" surf style - hand painted and heavy distressed finish.









Wiggins Brand Custom Pickups

We use only the finest solid hardwoods available for our pickups & build our pickups one at at time by hand.

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